Free Mind, Free Body, Free Finances, Free Life

If your mind is not free to think, ponder, wonder, imagine, calculate, discover, question, and create than your life is not free.

If your body is not under the control of your mind, free from toxins, parasites, yeasts, candida, and uncontrollable cravings than your life is not free.

If your finances are not so solid that you could lose your job tomorrow and not have to worry about income for the remainder of your life than you are not free.

There is nothing Free about Freedom. It comes at a cost. Not a tax to the government. Not through military forces fighting terrorists. Not by pledging allegiance to a flag, country, deity, government, etc..

Freedom is created from within the individual, and claimed through deliberate and fearless action to overcome the forces that were created to enslave that individual.

Freedom is Won through self education, self discipline, and self liberation.

If you are feeling the strains of this society where you are tossed on the seas of uncertainty in a dying job market, a cancer and disease ridden population of over weight, drug addicted, over medicated, lost civilization who’s only hope is in the next leader that will save it, Fear Not.

Your salvation is already here. The answers are all around you.

The keys to freedom are in your pocket and it is up to you to unlock the fetters that bind you.

We will unlock them together. We will change our world. We will be free.

Mind, Body, Finances, and LIFE.

The good news is that the answers are here and intertwined. In freeing the mind you free the body and the finances follow. All these things lead to the free life.

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Get The Edge Day 3, Till I Get it Right

Write down four things you have been putting off that you must do.

For me this is very simple.

1. Make 100 calls today.
2. Workout Today.
3. Eat right.
4. Too personal to write on a public blog at the moment.

Write down the pain associated with doing them in the past.
Write down the pleasure I’ve gained by not doing them.
Write down what it will cost me if I don’t change.
Write down what will I gain by doing these things.

1. Make 100 calls today.
The pain associated in the past is I am going to fail. No one will buy. It is boring. I get rejected. They turn me down. I don’t make the money I need to. I am going to do all this work to only get nothing.
The pleasure I’ve gained is avoiding the above.
It costs me my life, my pride, and who I am by not doing them. If I don’t change I will never get the things I want. I will never be the father or husband I want to be. I can never make a change in someone else’ life if I can’t change my own.
I will be the top salesman. I will make all the money I need to make. I will be the best at my job. I will be a household name to Anthony Robbins and Chet Holmes. I will have an enormous amount of opportunity open up to me. I will see the potential in me actually being used. I will feel awesome.
2. Workout Today.
The pain I have associated in the past with it is that I should be at work. I don’t have time. I need to be making money.
The pleasure I’ve gained is that I can say that I am at least putting all my focus into my work to get that squared away.
It is going to cost me my health and great body.
What I will gain is the body God gave me and the ability to really use it and get so many amazing things out of it. I love my body and I love being fit.
3. Eat right.
The pain I’ve associated in the past to eating right is that it takes too long, its too expensive, its not as easy.
The pleasure I’ve gained by not doing it is eating pizza and meat and fried chicken. Enough said.
It is costing me my body and my health and my stamina and I am tired, and blah!
What I gain by eating right is I feel awesome about myself, I start to feel better and look better and have more energy and I love it!
4. Too personal to write on a public blog at the moment.

Get The Edge, Doing it Again!!! Day 2

Day 2 of get the edge.

Write down 2 things I have been putting off that I must do.

1. Make 100 calls TODAY!!!
2. Do a day of Insanity and do all 60 days. Don’t let anything get in the way!!!

Do something towards those things immediately!!!

I am doing it, you can do it. Go!

Thank You Everything

I am so thankful for Everything I have in my life. I think its time to update you on where things are for me. I am working for Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes at Business Break Throughs International. If you know me and what I have been through, that is pretty huge.

I have learned so many things and feel so lucky to be there with this great group of people and in such an incredible environment. The best thing I have going for me is being able to do one thing, all day long, and be able to focus on steadily improving it. To continue to improve it bit by bit with the intent to be the best salesman for Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes as my goal. I may or may not be a house hold name for all of America one day. But this year, I am committed to becoming a house hold name for Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes.

This, in my world, would be an incredible accomplishment and I will do it. I will become their absolute top salesman. Today, I am not. But I very soon will be. This week will be my first week as top salesman. I then need to be top salesman every week for the next several months, only allowing anyone else to have a top salesman week, only when I am taking some time off for myself.

This is what it takes. Focus on ONE thing. Master ONE thing. I am fortunate because right now I don’t have to do a million things to succeed. I need to do one thing, one million times, and become the absolute best at doing that one thing, every day. I am going to make more calls every day than anyone else. I am going to take more calls, than anyone else. My discipline will make up for where I lack in skill or talent. My discipline will multiply my skill and talent so there is no lack.

Yes, there is more happening in my life. However, I am keeping the rest secret for this time. You will just have to come back to learn more.

What a Journey!!!

My route has been long, difficult, rewarding and painful. It has been scary and stressful, and led me to places and opportunities I only dreamed of.

I was lucky enough to wake up this morning, go for a magnificent run on the beach. Then come to work for the first day officially for Tony Robbins. So much work has gone into getting here and everything I have done for the last 15 years of my life prepared me for this most perfect moment. Now I just need to earn it. Everyday, by giving everything I’ve got to making the most of it. That is exactly what I am going to do.

Today this is short. I need to get to work.

Insanity Day 8

Day 8 of Insanity was awesome. Logan is starting to increase his intensity and it is a beautiful thing to witness. Today was Cardio Power and Resistance. Tough day but every day we are improving, getting stronger, and we both love it. Both Logan and I have stopped drinking soda, and are on high water intake.

I am very excited about life. I interviewed all week and now I have some of the best opportunities and I am just waiting to get started. Exercise truly changes your outlook, your mind, and your life.

Insanity day 6

Today is a miracle day. I interviewed to work with Tony Robbins and got an entry level sales position with the organization and I begin training on Monday. I will be working one other job so I can get on my feet properly and just really digging deeper to make everything in my life work and get going.

Now as long as I don’t rest tomorrow today was actually day 7 and not day 6 because I took last Sunday off. So that is what I am going to do. This is great to because you can feel the change in your body very rapidly from this workout.

I am very happy. Life is turning around. It is turning around slowly and at it’s own pace, but it is turning in my favor so I will be wise, patient, and thankful.

All of you, take the time to improve yourself and your life. It can solve the biggest problems.

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